Saturday, September 29, 2012

28mm/1:48 Stowage and Baggage

 Chieftain Models
 Bolt Action
 Company B
 S and S Models

  20/SP/A03 Assorted stowage strips (12 items) (pack 1)
  20/SP/A02 Track links pack for up-armouring models
  20/SPA/21 Sherman track links 

  SMRA01 Assorted Crates and Boxes (Metal)
  SMRA03 Coils of Wire (Metal)
  SMRA05 Sacks (Metal)
  SMRA52 Assorted Parcels (metal)
  SMRA53 Assorted Suitcases (metal)

 Legend Productions Korea LF4104

     Tamiya TA32510

  Jerry Can Set 1:48 Scale - Kit No.32510
  1:48 Cobblestones Building Blocks #2292    

  1:48 88mm Ammo Pak 43 KTiger Jagdpanther 2341
  1:48 Ammo Cases Tank & Artillery #2227
  1:48 G.M.C. 2.5 Ton Truck Cargo Set #2380
  1:48 German Military Vehicle Stowage #2238
  1:48 Marine Sherman Armor & Stowage #2242
  1:48 Tiger I 88mm Ammo #2221    
  1:48 Military Supplies #2215    

       T48025 German Equipment accessories set 1/48
       T48055 Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf C accessories set
       T48001 BREN CARRIER accessories set
       T48002 CROMWELL accessories set
       T48017 FUEL CANS accessories set
       T48018 TENTAGE+BEDROLLS accessories set
       T48019 TENTAGE+BEDROLLS 2 accessories set
       T48020 TENTAGE+BEDROLLS 3 accessories set
       T48021 TENTAGE+BEDROLLS 4 accessories set
       T48026 British equipment accessories set
       T48028 Sd.Kfz. 222 accessories set

     "hull stowage"

  WWP1 Pack of British jerry cans (20)

  Brit Backpack x 10 SKU: WEA261 
  Brit Blanket roll x 10 SKU: WEA262 
  Brit Helmet x 10    SKU: WEA260 
  Crates x 10   SKU: WEA068

 GZG 25ACC-03 Stowage Boxes and Cans - ammo boxes, jerrycans,
 Crew personal stowage       GZG-25ACC-01 

  Assorted supplies 6 oil drums, 3 packing crates, 6 petrol cans
  German weapons and equipment

 Scotia Grendel

        11906 - Jerry Cans  (12)

        11907 - Vehicle Accessory Pack 1
       Stowage, Pick and Shovel, and Fire Extinguisher,
       Fire Axe

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