Thursday, September 27, 2012

50 cents dollar store tree

Christmas season brings many treats for the wargamer, when it comes to terrain. My best luck has been with the Cobblestone Corners brand of Christmas decorations, sold by Dollar Tree in the U.S. (manufactured in China).
Tree pack
Last year, they brought us cheap hedges. This year, it's trees - a wide variety of trees, 2 trees per pack, and each pack retails for $1 USD.
Each pack contains a large and a small tree
I cleaned my local store completely out of pine trees (9 packs - 18 trees), and will go back for more.
Forest of trees
I prefer the pine trees because of their simple construction (basically, it's a trimmed brush stuck into a round wooden base).
Sky view of the trees
I don't think I'll have a "shedding" problem with these trees!
Trees are mounted on natural wood bases (shown with 28mm Celts)
To my eye, the trees work fine for 15mm through 28mm scales. They're a trifle big for 6mm/microscale, but not laughably so.
Three varieties of trees
Two other tree varieties in the same line are worth mentioning. One is basically the same tree, except the "brush" has been trimmed into sections, and the bristles are coated with a dark flocking. This tree shed a little in the package, but didn't look like it would shed further on the tabletop.
Flocked trees
Another variety is again based on the brush skeleton, but instead uses what looks like pulverized foam as flocking. Some of the foam hold paint better than others, which gives these trees a green-and-white look. These trees shed quite a bit in the package, and look to me like they'll keep shedding.
Tree flocked with foam bits
There were more trees that I didn't buy, but they were trees with snow. If you have a winter campaign in mind, you should check them out.

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