Saturday, September 1, 2012

wood pallets

Well I have bought several pieces of terrain for my city of Gravesend as you may have noticed. And I will show them all when they have been painted. This blogpost is however not about these. As I watched a movie I noticed the wood pallets. And it struck me...In most places you do come across woodpallets. I myself can get hold of 3 within 10 minutes. Just lying around. Gravesend needed some of these as well!
So I set to work. I already had what I needed. A pair of clippers, glue, ruler, hobby knife, cofee stirrers from 7ELEVEN, (I bought a coffee, so they are free!) and a piece of bigger size wood I bought cheap from a hobby store. Mr. Romero is in the picture to give you a sense of scale and making sure I did it right!
It actually looks like firewood in this picture. Measure them up to fit in the size you want them. I tried to keep them in a size to fit the bases of my miniatures as that would match real life pretty well.
2 pieces of the bigger wood and 3 of the coffee stirrers. I put one underneath as well as it looked much beter. It was actually my better half who suggested that.
Paint them as you like, I just gave them a bit of wash. This really took no time at all! Give it a try to fill a bit more barricades and obstacles in your gaming!!

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