Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to: Jungle trees

Hi, here's a small tutorial on how to make nice and easy jungle trees with a minimum of needed materials and tools. The idea for making jungle trees came from a quick visit to a cheap store called "Action", there I stumbled onto a boll of rather nice and again cheap aquarium plants. So you can guess what followed when I came home, ...

The used materials

For the constructing of these pieces of jungle I used for the basic tree all sorts of aquarium plants and odd formed twigs. Like most of my terrain, I besed the trees onto soft hardboard textured with a coat of fine sand and PVA. This adds some texture and really stands out nicely when drybrushed.

The used tools

For the construction of these pieces I only used a small assortment of tools such as the handy hotgluegun, stanley knive, scissors, a huge plier (to cut the bases) and some sandingpaper!

How to

1) Cut and sand the hardboard bases.
2) Glue the twigs in place with a hotgluegun.
3) Texture the entire piece with sand.

4) Paint the entire piece with browntones and highlight.
5) Add the groundfoliage.
6) Add the treefoliage.
7) Flock with different sorts of static grass, etc
8) finished and good looking.

Total cost for new materials: 3.95 euro for the boll of plastic plants
Total buildingtime: 1 hour for 5 bases including drying time!


Base 1

Base 2 and 3

Base 4

Base 5, this base is the largest of all and also includes the biggest tree!

I hope you enjoyed the post and hopefully I've inspired some of you to also built some junglepieces!


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