Monday, September 3, 2012

Dry brushing example

Here's the last dry brushing portion.

After finishing the wash, I’ve decided to dry brush Mimring some. When you dry brush, you’re basically just dusting the figure with a highlight color to bring out the raised portions. It’s sort of time consuming, and I’ve never really been very good at it. Regardless, I’m going to walk you through the steps. We’re going to dry brush Mimring’s skin with white, and his scales with blue.

First, get your largest brush, and dip the very tip into the white.

Click here to see a large version

Then, using a paper towel, we’re going to wipe off a lot of the paint.

Click here to see a large version

You’re left with a dry, white brush, ready to dry brush

Click here to see a large version

Make strokes against the raised surfaces of Mimring’s skin. This will leave the raised portions white, but, since the coat is so light, almost like powder, much of the under color will come through as well. Go over everywhere, then rinse your brush, and go to the blue. Repeating the process on the scales. Here’s my end result (sorry for the poor photo)

Click here to see a large version

After the dry brushing dries, it’s time for the matte spray coat. Take the figure outside, hit the entire model with a liberal amount of the spray, try not to stay stationary, instead keep the can moving as you make passing sprays on the figure. Bring it back inside, and allow it 15 or 20 minutes to dry. This step will make your figure smell pretty musty, but that smell will fade with time.

The end result

Click here to see a large version

Now, this really is the end of the Mimring repaint. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I’ll be the first to say that I’m not completely happy with my color choices for this repaint. And I didn’t intend this to be a 100% follow me step by step repaint, but rather a step by step tutorial showing the steps I take and the techniques used. Experiment with your own color palette!

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