Saturday, September 1, 2012

terrain ideas

The city needs a facelift.

Well not that my city is big. But so far I have gotten by with what I had. But the only real buildings of use are Survivor house ,the gates and Gravesend segway tours. The hospital is a project on its own. But I really want more to Gravesend than the 40k ruins, lego house and old pirateship. So I am investing in some lasercut buildings from Sarissa. The two first buildings here are on the list. 

I have some roads painted on my board. But lets face it....I am not entirely happy with the result. One step at a time, and the roads will get a shine up. I do have some cars and you may remember my wrecked car. The city will need more stuff. I have some spawn points and some bits to throw around. It needs a bit more personality. Thus I created these flower pots out of bottlecaps. I made it look like some of the earth was missing and they were a bit neglected. The idea to this is from real life. 2nd picture is rom a place I pass everyday when on my way to work.

I think they came out pretty good. Picture below is some of the other stuff I will use to clutter up the streets of Gravesend. Spawnpoints, citysign, the wrecked car and the tubing. It needs some kind of rope around it and ofcourse a spot of paint so it actually looks like some metal piping. Good use for cover and it could actually look like some sewer pipes now I think about it.

 Well that is it from me this time. I am awaiting a package from England with some...Scenery. But that will have to wait to be revealed. This coming Monday will see me and my mate battling some zombies as we finally try out the ALL THINGS ZOMBIE ruleset. If all goes well I may be able to start my little campaign.

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