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Army of the Dead- Painting Chaos Nurgle Death Guard

Army of the Dead- Painting Chaos Nurgle Death Guard

Posted by Man Boy Genius Friday, October 21, 2011
Hey guys welcome back. Today I'm going to go over step by step how I painted up my Chaos Space Marine Death Guard models for an upcoming Apocalypse Game.

It was really simple and took about 4-5 hours total for each squad of ten, which I thought for the end result was great.  Keep in mind they are Nurgle so there is "perfect" involved, messy is just fine.

I'm not sure how this would look on a say a regular Space Marine, or normal figure, but it would definitely work on say Orks, or Traitor / Renegade guardsmen.

First step was Necrotic Flesh Primer by Army Painter.  This gives a great base to work from. Remember though when working with this line of primers you have to get closer to your models (like 8 inches? or so) when you spray.  This prevents the primer from atomizing or picking up dust in the air, and "fuzzing" your models.

I also primed about 25% of the models just plain white to get a slight natural variance to each squad.

Then I base coated the model with the brightest versions of the colors I wanted, so that they would show through the washes I would do later. For gold I used burnished, metals were Mithril, fleshy areas I did Tallarn Flesh, pustules I painted Sunburst Yellow, and clothes/ bandages I painted Bleached Bone, or Khaki.

After that's done, I did I slightly watered down wash with Gw's Ogyrn Flesh. To apply the washes I like to used a straight drybrush because besides holding more wash in the bristles, the chisel actually helps to disperse the wash better on the model.

Starting at the top of the model I worked my way down from the backpack to the feet.  In this picture I didn't apply the flesh wash to the metals.

On the rest of the figures I did apply the wash, and I think it looked better end result wise.

After letting that dry (I used a small table top fan aimed at each squad), I then applied a slightly watered down Thraka Green wash to mostly the whole model, but left some areas alone randomly.

Next up was a Devlin Mud wash to the metals (and bolter stock), followed by a Gryphone Sepia/ Devlin Mud wash to the cloth areas.

After all that I went back with a 75/25 Hawk Tourquise/ Black mix to basecoat to the weapons, as well as anywhere I wanted to make a squad mark.  
Next I highlighted that with straight Hawk, and then with a 50/50 Hawk and White mix.

The whole base was basecoated with  50/50 Scorched Brown / Dark Flesh. Then drybrushed Khaki, and finally bronzed flesh.

Last I attached tuffs of static grass to the base with some super glue. I hate using the super glue to do this (cause it always seems to get onto my figures) BUT once it dries, that grass is on there. Plus I really like how it "tuffs" up into like patches of grass.

And that's it. Pretty simple, and quick. I really like how they turned out. This same method can be used for anything really from Rhinos to Titans. I am actually painting up a Warhound Titan in this scheme as well.

The rest of the squad pics are below.

 Squad Basecoated
 Squad Finished
 Second Sgt
 White Primer Base
Necrotic Flesh Primer Base

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  1. Interesting read mate, I've just started a new chapter using the Necrotic Flesh undercoat and I was looking to see which colours worked with it. Thanks, I've been using terracotta but it looks really really good with the blue.