Friday, October 5, 2012

Brown armour for Imperial Guard –

Written by Demi_morgana
Some time ago I decided to paint my Imperial Guardsmen in an original way. I chose to go with desert colors and brown armour, which were inspired by Polish soliders fighting evil terrorists in Iraq ;) And I thought why shouldn’t I make a miniature painting tutorial about it…
Several persons asked me how I painted this kind of armour, so here it is:

Painting brown armour in 8 steps

  • chaos black undercoat
  • several watered down layers of bestial brown
  • edges were highlighted with bestial brown + snakebite leather mix
  • next I added more and more skull white to the mix and used it for further highlighting (I put about 4-5 layers)
  • when you think it looks OK, put watered down flesh wash or brown ink and wait until it’s TOTALLY dry
  • after that put some thin skull white lines in the very edges so it looks like reflecting light
  • if bestial brown followed by the wash is too dark in your opinion, highlight it using thin layer of pure bestial brown
  • seal it with matt varnish and that’s all ;)
The effect can look like this:
Brown armour painting tutorial - results
I hope this tutorial was useful for you.

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