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Hobby Basics: Priming 101

Posted by Man Boy Genius Sunday, August 22, 2010
We've all issues with primer- whether it was too much, too little, flakes, or fuzzy paint it's one of the most frustrating parts of the hobby.  Mastering this basic technique is easy however- as the most common solution is to not prime your minis in high humidity.

Also keep in mind the distance between the spray nozzle and your miniatures. Some primer such as the Army Painter Sprays require a distance of six to eight inches to your models, while Citadel sprays require longer distances.

Here is the technique I use when I prime my models.  I think it gives me pretty good coverage as I hit them from every angle.  So flaking is at a minimum.

First I place the models right side down on some cardboard.  Then I hold them in one hand and spray the models as I rotate them on the tray.  Remember don't hold the spray nozzle down fully. You have to let on and off the nozzle so you don't soak the models in paint!

Let the models sit for about 5 minutes, then move them over to their other side.  Repeat the process above for the new side. :-)

Now take the models (make sure you waited at least 5 min for them to surface dry!!!) and place them upright and hit them again from every angle, and then let them dry for a few hours.  That's it- follow these hints and your models primer job should turn out great.

    One thing I just learned recently (although being over 10 years in the hobby) is don't prime your models when it's cold... I just got a flaked result on the back of a converted Necron Destroyer Lord, and nothing can get the 2 layers of undercoat off...
  • One tip I was taught was to start the spray aimed off the mini, then slowly but steadily pass over the mini until completely past then stop the spraying. Doing it this way, stops build up of primer on the model if you start & stop directly aimed at the model. I found it may take more passes, but does end in a more smooth/even coverage.I have screwed up so many figures with bad priming techniques.
    I've resorted to using a 'priming stick' when doing more than a couple of models.
    I blue tac them to a four sided stick and then rotate them as I prime.

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