Friday, October 5, 2012

pill box

Finished Pill Boxes

Finished the 4 Pill Boxes, with some green flock and dry brushing, the bottom three pictures show the destroyed Pill Box with the wire mesh picked out in rust colour. Over all very please with how these have turned out, they will bring the coastal defences up to strength in combination with the heavy coastal battery already produced.
Next up I will be having a go at producing some explosion markers, both on the ground and also air burst explosions. I have also been looking at producing 10mm scale buildings for my Early WW1 set up. I have briefly blogged about this before. The GHQ micro collection has been expanded over the last two years, so time to explore the possibilities. 

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Bunker busting

OK so it should be "Pill Box busting" to go with the other titles in this project, but Bunker busting sounds much better in my opinion. the first picture shows the pill box before the application of PVA and sand to texture it. The construction was identical to the other three pill box's up to the point at which I started to destroy it!
The wire mesh was quite soft and easy to cut with a craft knife. I was going for the idea that the pill box had been destroyed by a direct hit on the roof by a heavy artillery shell or large bomb. I wanted the pill box to still be recognisable as a pill box, so not reduced to a pile of rubble. So 2 out of the 6 sides have been destroyed and the roof slab of concrete shattered and pushed off to the front and sides. Please with how its worked so fare and I must find more projects to use the mesh in.
More pictures of this one and the three others finished to follow shortly.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Pill Box progress

Just a quick update on the progress on the pill box front, bottom picture shows the pill box's PVA'd and covered with sand, the rigid plastic of the cocktail stick container takes the PVA glue best if it is rubbed down with sandpaper first to provide a key for the PVA to stick to, otherwise the PVA beads on the surface.

The top picture shows the start of the construction of the destroyed pill box, the mesh is from a car body repair pack. Its soft aluminium and can be trimmed with a knife, the roof section has pencil lines showing where the roof will be cut up.



Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Cocktail sticks into Pill Boxes

After all the trees this year I thought it was about time I went back to producing something of a more military nature. I always intended to produce some pill boxes to support my costal artillery bunker from July last year (link). In my local Morrisons supper market I was looking for some cocktail sticks for another project, and when I found them low and behold they came packaged in a great little hexagonal plastic box. The perfect size and shape for a 15mm scale pill box. And for the princely sum of 36p.

The second picture from the top shows the container cut into four sections. They then have roofs cut from art board and round bases to mount them onto. I then cut out some blast walls to go either side of the door. To save on the amount of time spent on producing the pill boxes, rather than cutting gun slits into the brittle plastic I cut slits into rectangles of art board and then stuck these onto the pill boxes.

Next up will be adding terrain to the bases and make a start on the destroyed pill box.

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