Friday, February 8, 2013

Tiled Floor – Painting

Here is a fast painting for the tiled floor.
It is not meant to be realistic, i didn’t use any weathering technique (sadly) and neither airbrush or oils.
Just acrylics, a bit of sponge and a brush.
let’s start with the black primed piece:
First step is to put the first layer of colour. It is a mixture of light blue, ocra and black with different ratios (average of 2:2:1), painted with the sponge in order to make an irregular background.
After the painting some cracks and holes were painted with colour, so i used some wet black to fill the holes and give them the black colour again.
Then a second passage, with a ocra-light blue and then with a tip of white.
For the sand (actually, really fine rubble) i used some dark grey, meant to be drybrushed with light gray and then white.
Now an ocra spongebrush for the tiles, and a wash for darking everything!
Some aimed drybrush on the corners, some orange around to give a bit more colour.. and TA-DAA!
Nothing excepional, just a way to give a sense to the piece! :)
Hope you like,

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