Sunday, February 24, 2013


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Champion of Pestilence

Painted for eBay as a way to practice fast painting (that was completely unsuccessful, it took forever!) and making all the sticky goodness that this guy has got on him.

Hope you like it!
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#391177 Rating: 8 24 Feb 2013
Excellent gore effect!
#391158 24 Feb 2013
Thanks!! There's really no tutorial needed, I just took some UHU plastic glue, mixed it with color (careful there! I suggest to try it on something you don't care a lot about first), and had fun spreading it with a toothpick. Then I painted it with inks to cover the horrible color I mixed with the glue previously Inks and washes tend to look better on it than normal colors. At the end I covered it with gloss varnish. Anyway, it's really easy, no explanation will work better than trying it
#391136 Rating: 9 23 Feb 2013
Great Work!!
#391130 Rating: 8 23 Feb 2013
This is the meaning of slaughter Gooey guts and blood are fantastic. I'd love to see a tutorial on how to do

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