Friday, February 8, 2013

Scenery for a Postapocaliptic setting

Scenery for a Postapocaliptic setting – Part 1

Hi Everyone! Last evening i was pretty bored. I have to do finish my last exam before the degree, and for that reason i channel all my stress to model making. I should be stressed much more, actually. So i threw on the carpet some  stuff: styrene sticks (i know, the Evergreen are ver expensive, but those are too useful!), metal rods, and a wooden stick i found around, patrolling in my room since when i was a child.

For i hadn’t in mind a specific shape, i started thinking as a Postapoc Survivor. So i started joining together the bigger sticks. My plan wasn’t clear at the beginning, and still isn’t that obviously clear!

I joined the parts together, and with some PVA glue and a few meters of rope i started bound them. That’s not for a structural meaning, just for aestethic.

I also found a few cardboard pipes, i don’t remind where i found them, but they were laying in a box, so i choose to use them. Joined together with glue and rope, and then i added a metal pipe, no reason.

And that’s the result. The main point is to add stuff, details, rubbish. Whatever you like, just to make a big mess!

I also started working with some pieces of Eulithe. I cutted it with a cutter, then with my nails and a pen i made some holes, and just with the pressure of my fingers i shaped the surface, in order to achieve a more “aged” look. Well, actually a concrete wall doesn’t bump, but we are in a post apocalyptic world, dudes!

I took some barbed whire (i make it from copper whire!) and i pushed it into two eulithe pieces. Then some cyanacrilate glue to keep them together.

Just a bit more all around. Why not? No reason for it, but again: we are in a freeking post apocalyptic world! People does stupid things! Even more than nowadays! ;)

Back to the “tower”: it changed the look a bit: i added a third “leg”, and some wooden fences, posed on the surface like tiles. For the fence making, please take a look on this tutorial:
Anyway, i glued them together, and that’s a view of the work so far:

Well, why not? I remembered than i had a mould for a relief writing of my site name: and i made only four letters, for a nice welcoming sign!
It looks nice, doesn’t it?

Afterall, the tower is much more useful if you can jump on it. So i made, with another piece of eulithe, a sort of walking area for the “guards”.

A closer look to the barricade. I made some other parts. Same method as above.

That’s an old gate i made more than a year ago. It is quite well made, but actually it isn’t the main topic of this article!

That’s the tower: still WIP, but it has quite a better look at the moment! I added some whire, some mesh, and some other stuff on it! =)

Ok, I have to say that even though i did quite a lot of stuff, it isn’t enough material for an article. So that’s why i decided to call it “part 1“. That’s tricky, but that’s my site, men.

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