Monday, February 18, 2013

Proper Micro-Armor Scratchbuild

Proper Micro-Armor Scratchbuild

My rules suck.  Well, at least the tank vs. tank game I recently posted does.  I tried it out with a few proxy figures and found them to be clunk-tastic.  I tried to use my infantry skirmish game (which I've had a lot of fun with) as the basis for the fighting vehicle rules.  The action token mechanic works great emulating an individual trooper choosing between keeping his head down and returning fire or dashing around.  It just didn't work for vehicles though.

So I've scrapped those rules and come up with new ones.  My thoughts about communication being the most important aspect of the tank platoon still influenced my design, but the mechanics are fairly different.  I need to test these before I post them however, and that brings me to the point of tonight's post: I made proper micro-armor scratchbuilds.

I used the same techniques detailed last post to make the putty masters of the components, but this time didn't mess around with crappy molding or casting materials.  I applied the silicone mold last night and demolded after 16-17 hours.  I usually wait 24 hours but got excited; the molds didn't seem any less cured however, probably due to their small size.   I mixed and poured the resin, demolded the cast parts, trimmed them up, and assembled two tanks in about two hours.

At about an hour per tank this is a big time investment for a 34mm long miniature.  Luckily my new rules are based around an individual platoon of three to six vehicles, so the number of models is low.  And since I'm using something like 0.4 cubic centimeters of resin per component, I know my financial cost per miniature is miniscule.

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