Friday, August 31, 2012

Huge List of Places to get 3rd terrain free mostly for 28mm
Best Free papercraft terrain props

Construction Vehicles

Living room props

Okay here are the big companies that sell papercraft stuff:
-maybe the wrong scale, for railroad models
inside props,streets, sidewalks
- Guard station have to buy
Aircraft Hanger:

Here are some of the sites I found that have some free stuff:
no grids/ some of it is tacky
Lot of cool stuff here

Large Papercraft data base sites: sometimes cool stuff have to look ahrd though

Hard to build sites:
Cars mainly

Free maybe useable:
Dollhouse Props

Websites to build terrain and random props:
use google chrome to translate

Forums for this:
- they make terrain for modern setting, looking will find something maybe

cinematic effects: missle fire, smoke from guns etc..

3rd scenry

Odd Aircraft

Generic Office Building
no idea what scale

Websites I found where u mold and build.

Mold making-

List of Hirst Arts - mold companies

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