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fuel tank

Tutorial to make a fuel tank funded by the SGAE for miniature gameINFINITY

Click here to see photos of the finished container

Infinity is a game set in the future between us only 200 years and in the fighting are devastating, men die, the machines are volatilized and any piece of coverage is welcome, so I started to build a long time ago This fuel tank. ENOL Why?many years the ENOL has been the fuel that has driven spacecraft of my fantasies ... Where did I get the name? the truth is that I do not remember, but the first picture that is clearly written in a spacecraft tank corresponds to a ship the game "ELITE", by then in his version of Spectrum 48k ... That takes us back to 1986! And since then has been my fuel ENOL staff (and more powerful but ENOLUNO reserved for more designs bastards). Okay, down to business ... the idea is to use a box of blank CDs and give it a look that mole scifi-salchichero atmosphere for any type of scenery of Infinity ... and take advantage of the canyon depaso for recreational activities, which never hurts. So I propose a brief tutorial on how it is done (though the truth is that we would not need because it's simplest and smallest as you can see below)


A glue gun is basic (everyone should have a home and plenty of bars, of good hardware that around a hundred are worthless except to fill gaps), all one hundred wire, small wire cutters , a set of cutters dime (there are some that come in blue box sold in Alcampos and brings up other punches, hear this set highly recommended!) straws drinking articulated some cardboard or foam board (0.5 cm) and of course an empty tub of CDs. highly recommend wash the pot with fairy (tm)to remove grease and mold release you may have. But the painting is going to be hell!

Outside the tubes Support

With foamboard we do the outer support tubes, the idea is that the reservoir has tubes coming from entering inside the floor ... Why? It rocks! in fact or are in the base as it seems to be logical or anywhere ... but you will see that interesting. ;)

Will mark the position of the 5 tubes (straws) output, you can see in the picture how there is not much mystery.

The ladders

Notice that in this first model are made ​​with titanium ... but hey, once painted are reasonably good, so the method is this: make the holes and perfóralos going to do with a punch to pass the wire. 
In this photo you can see the holes already made ​​in addition to the straws with the punches (You can also use a xactocutter is more complicated but it is perfectly circular, thinking it does not matter much. Instead of drilling, the tubes may stick on the plastic of the CD but I did not trust much of that subjection).

And pass the wires to make the rungs of the ladder, giving them a ladder-shaped wire ... we, as in the picture ...

Giving a taste for glue gun

We prepare the pieces to put them, we put the straws (Notice that the idea is more protruding side of the center so that when they do come down to earth online and not following the curve of the tank). The stairs to the subject getting an accurate measure amid a strip leftover foamboard. He should have gotten more steps and the use of a shielded cable that seems thicker than the wire ...

First round of glue, look inside the ladder and straws ... should no longer move the least.

And second round of glue, glue pot to first base (like a silicone hand for the bathroom stall, by the rim) and will prevent it from moving, warping, cracking the paint ... etc.. 
we put a glob on the site to be nailed down each tube and the straw, simpler impossible.

A few details

The top is a little bland and it has raised some text like " open "and" close "so I put a couple of details to cover a bit, one is a piece of foam board and three straw cuts ... the other is the inside of a plug of Trina that I thought it was a manhole cover that scale perfectly.


For the primer is very important to cover, this type of plastic (and more that of the straws) refuses to hold on to painting. A primer is good, a soft layer of gesso is probably even better ... CUBRID is as well and with love. 
If for priming had used gray spray or spray with texture to new City Games Workshop (which is too expensive for what spreads) and have the deposit ready to go in record time .. . 1 hour and 24 minutes from the first to the last photo!


I've tried to paint work it a bit, but the paint was also very fast, first a layer of medium gray to dark shooting (70% or so), then diluted with a few strokes darker paint in the grooves and edges. .. and finally the fun part, grow light with a couple of shades of gray using a sponge ... work with the sponge is fast, plus cochinón left with a beautiful texture. The details (although they may look complex) were extremely simple, a couple of stencils made ​​on the fly for the lyrics to "ENOL" and "T4" and some masking tape for wasp lines that will surely give a final touch of luxury. Ale, already, here are several images gossip ended:

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