Friday, October 11, 2013

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SUFOABH? ~ making the accessories

The colony's various rooms and corridors will not be permanently equipped with furnishings and other fitments. Rather, a variety of accessories will be added to indicate a room's role or function at any given time and this page will cover their assembly.

Firstly, some chairs (salvaged from the interiors of the humvees), a couple of lockers (from Tric-Tac boxes), some ammo boxes and a tool chest:

The Tic-Tac lockers were a relatively simple construction:
  • Sealed some grey card with runny poundshop superglue.

  • Cut the TicTac box to desired height then added a bit of poundshop epoxy putty inside what would be the base of the locker and ran a bead of superglue around the cut edge before pushing it down onto the the grey card for a level and weighted base.

  • Trimmed some plasticard to the size of the locker frontage, then used Bostik to glue some oblongs of the same material (for locker doors) to the fascia card.

  • Bostiked the fascia card/locker doors to the TicTac box.

  • Filled the indent at the top of the locker (previously the bottom of the box) with milliput.

  • Filled gaps and added locker handles with a smidge of greenstuff.

Why are the lockers so short? Because I envisage using them as room dividers over which marines can shoot at advancing Aliens.

Also finished to pre-paint stage are some fire extinguishers (the canisters of which are from 1/35 flamethrower tanks).

Presently in hand are a pair of beds and a audio/visual unit.

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