Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fire and Smoke

he following pictures show my first attemps in building terrain pieces representing fire and smoke.

DSCN0387.JPG (125955 Byte)
DSCN0408.JPG (189062 Byte)

I scaled them for my 28 mm Miniatures. They can be used with nearly everything I collected and painted the past years, Warhammer Fantasy, Mortheim, WW II and Dark Future. The miniature  for scale comparison is a Late War German from Artizan (28 mm).

The used materials:

cotton woll for filters (floss) - for the smoke
heavy washers in different sizes - as base for the pieces
hot glue - fast and easy method to glue the floss to the washers
black spray primer (Chaos blackfrom GW) - for coloring the smoke
Acrylic modelling paste (Plastik A from Lascaux) - to do the fire
acrylic paints in red yellow and white - to paint the fire
Tip: Don't spry the floss to dark. When the paint is dry spread the cotton at the top and on the sides out to get a more transparent look. After spraying is the inner material of the floss paler than the outer and this adds in my eyes much to the realism.

the finished pieces:
DSCN0380.JPG (108123 Byte)
DSCN0381.JPG (108128 Byte)
DSCN0382.JPG (99507 Byte)
DSCN0384.JPG (104407 Byte)
DSCN0384.JPG (104407 Byte)
DSCN0386.JPG (128226 Byte)
DSCN0388.JPG (138523 Byte)
DSCN0389.JPG (189685 Byte)
DSCN0391.JPG (189545 Byte)
DSCN0392.JPG (192078 Byte)
DSCN0395.JPG (186822 Byte)
DSCN0396.JPG (206542 Byte)
DSCN0397.JPG (167429 Byte)
DSCN0399.JPG (188418 Byte)
DSCN0400.JPG (163376 Byte)

the burning house:
DSCN0415.JPG (199318 Byte)

This photo shows the different pieces and the (older) Model of a selfmade ruined building to create the following pictures of the burning building.

DSCN0401.JPG (169698 Byte)
DSCN0402.JPG (170746 Byte)
DSCN0403.JPG (179471 Byte)
DSCN0404.JPG (181202 Byte)
DSCN0405.JPG (197302 Byte)
DSCN0407.JPG (192721 Byte)
DSCN0408.JPG (189062 Byte)
DSCN0409.JPG (198899 Byte)
DSCN0410.JPG (205605 Byte)
DSCN0411.JPG (204565 Byte)

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