Saturday, March 16, 2013

use for old sprues

Well you can use them for this (this is from my Zoo Diary)

you will need some old sprues, tooth pics, a pinvice and some rubber bands

then cut if all the little sticky out bits so it looks like this

once you have 2 done attach them with sticky tape or rubber bands and drill holes as such you need to do this or they may not line up

then place the tooth pics in the into the holes as such and glue

once that is dry cut of one side of the tooth pics and glue to base I used super glue and PVA

once you have done that repeat as nessary :lol: I only did 3 sides to mine as I wanted a brick fence out of Das on a sheet of plastic like so

then I attached it to the model and made some more brick work on the back

then just to finish it of placed the cut of tooth pic bits on top of the brick wall and super glued them as well

well there you go I hope this give you some Ideas

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