Saturday, July 6, 2013

NNM gold

NMM GOLD TUTORIAL by Rodion Roeoender Rubin

Scibor's Jet-Bike-Paint-In-Progress

#1 - unpainted parts;
#2 - whole parts painted with scorched brown;
#3 - most of the surface painted with bestial brown - scorched brown left only in the hollows;
#4 - snakebite leather - from this point you have to imagine the location of a light source and keep it
       in mind during painting (here it's located above and in front of the model);
#5 - bubonic brown;
#6 - highlights - white mixed with a very little bit of bubonic brown - only on the most exposed points,
       according to the location of a light source.


  1. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.
  2. very nice gold,
    but, can you please explain how you paint your red...
    and which colors you have used...
    thank you
    1. The red was painted with airbrush using these colours:
      #1 - scorched brown;
      #2 - scorched + red gore;
      #3 - red gore;
      #4 - red gore + bloodred (very little, only on the front of the
      On the photos it looks a little bit too flaming, in reality it's deeper&darker.

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