Saturday, July 13, 2013


Alien Hulk: Shield bearing Marine

Among the miniatures of the Space Hulk game, there is a Space Marine with a shield and hammer. To replace it, I decided to convert a miniature to carry a shield and a shotgun.
To do this, I used a policeman with shotgun miniature from Hasslefree and added a shield to it:Rapid mold 0
The result was okay in itself, but the miniature did not look like a Colonial Marine, so I decided to “colonize” the model by adding it a helmet and transforming its bulletproof vest into body armor.
To do this, I used another model Hasslefree, from wich I copied the armor and helmet using Instant Mold:Rapid mold 1
For those who have never used them, Instant Molds are plastic sticks that become flexible when immersed in hot water. They cool and harden in a few minutes in the open air. It is easily cut with a modeling knife, does not stick to sculpture resin and can therefore be reused indefinitely.
So I molded the bottom of the armor, placed epoxy resin in the mold, sticked it to the shield bearer miniature and waited an hour for the resina to harden:Rapid mold 4(Sorry for the crappy photo colors)
I then made a mold of the helmet:Rapid mold 2
I tried to use the same technique as before and directly mold the helmet to the miniature but it didn’twork (the opening of the helmet was never aligned with the face). So I decided to make a helmet I would stick to the head of the miniature:Rapid mold 3
Once this is done, I only had to put it all together:Rapid mold 5
Then I only had to paint the miniature like the others, with the following result:Rapid mold 6
From behind: Rapid mold 7
I find the result less classy than the original miniature, but at least now it looks good with the other Marines.

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