Saturday, July 13, 2013

How to: Pallets

Thursday, June 20, 2013

How to: Pallets

It's time another nice and simple tutorial, this time we will make some 28mm wooden pallets to be used a variety of games. I came across a nice tutorial on the Lead Adventure Forum with the subject making some pallets. I just loved how some simple matchsticks and balsawood could be turned in some really nice scatter terrain for modern and zombies games I decided to make my own tutorial which is slightly different as I'm skipping some sticks and pieces to make them even faster! Enough, let's make some pallets.
Before we start we need: a stanley knife, some woodglue, balsa wood, matchsticks or coffee stirrers, a ruler

Which pieces do we need first of 2 matchsticks with a length of 3,5 cm for forming the base. Then we need  7 pieces of balsa with a length of 4 cm and a width of 0,5 cm.

Then we take the matchsticks and glue two pieces of cut balsa wood to them  with woodglue

After that we add the rest of the balsa planks to the matchsticks using woodglue.

Now we make another two pallets and glue them together to form a nice piece of scenery for your modern city. Time needed per pallet probably less than 3 minutes, not too shabby!

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