Saturday, November 3, 2012

Feora's Wall of Fire

As I often use Feora I thought that I should finally make a decent Wall of Fire. Normally I just use a bunch of dice to mark out the area. Thats not really great as they tend to get mixed up with other dice on the table.

So rather than a massive flaming wall I thought I would go for something smaller. The wall does't provide cover so I went for some burning coals. I sculpted some flames on a spare piece of plasticard. I did it like this as it is easier than doing it on the rocks. Once they were cured I could take them off the card and then place them on the rocks.

Once I had the flames on the rocks I sculpted some more just to join up the pieces. I also had to get them to look like they were coming out of the rocks rather than floating above. I am not great at sculpting the flames but well it is a start! I will try a little more and see if I can refine the shapes. I think it would be pretty cool to be able to add flames to wizards hands or along weapon blades.

Painting was easy enough. I just painted everything orange. Then I overbrushed the stones in progressively darker colours eventually getting to black. All I wanted to do was leave the cracks between the rocks showing the heat while the rocks themselves were coated in soot.
I then concentrated on the flames darkening them along their height. Finally I washed them in yellow around the bases and the rocks so that it gave a better glowing effect. Sadly the varnish I coverd it in afterwards really killed the yellow so it isn't that visible.

I was thinking that this could actually make a nice terrain piece for a future project. A large area of burning coals would look awesome and be terrible to cross during the game, easily be dangerous in WFB or causing fire in Warmachine. Anyway today between painting Tharn Wolfriders I intend doing a rock wall for Epic Baldur.

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