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alien conversion idea

September 22, 2009


Saw on Frothers someone had the idea to convert plastic bloodletters into Aliens' Aliens. I had to try it out for my plans to pimp out my old copy of Space Hulk with EM4 Colonial Marines and proper Aliens. Of course a day after I did this the new version of Space Hulk was announced. Kinda killed off the project, ah well I'll still do these up as Aliens as I have time.


  1. please tell what u used for the head and tail in the alien :) wouldnt it be so awesome f they made avp warhammer. i knowlike a gazillion people who would start playing if there was
  2. what did you use as the tail i have been looking for something to replae the tails on my genestealer aliens onversions
  3. Closest you could get to AVP warhammer is AVP minis for Horrorclix which seemed to be available everywhere but Australia. Never saw them in any local shops unfortunatly, I really wanted the Aliens box.

    The head on this conversion is the standard bloodletter head I've just cut off the horns and added putty to smooth the whole thing to get the Alien/Alien 3 smooth xenomorph style head. Used green stuff then Tamiya filler putty, then sanded it down.

    The tail is from an alien look a like figure that Oz Made Miniatures used to make, they were a bit small but I really wanted the tails to convert some genestealers, and pestered him a local con he was selling at about it a bunch of times but he would only sell the full figures. But I was lucky at the end of the day that there were 10 tails left in the bits box after he'd sold all the minis so I got the bunch. I never got around to putting them onto stealers but they work great on the Bloodletters, which I think convert better anyway.
  4. Randomly ended here, and that is one sweet conversion! I've been working on an Aliens Space Hulk project for a while now, feel free to check out my blog for more.



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