Monday, October 5, 2015

Priming HDF Terrain with Spraypaint

Priming HDF Terrain with Spraypaint

So, after assembling all that HDF terrain from Micro Arts Studio, I finally committed to painting it with spraycans as I'm still without an airbrush (and probably will be forever).

After a little reading up on the web, a couple people mentioned how they got around HDF's tendency to soak up paint and cause an uneven finish by using a Matte Varnish beforehand. It hadn't occurred to me before then but it seemed like such an easy solution (it even lists that as a use on the sealer's can).

Anyways, I just finished priming all three Apartment, Catwalk, Guard House, two Holo Ad, and the Objective Room kit. Basically, all my MAS terrain.


I applied a solid coat from the sealer (Americana; found at Michael's) first, making sure to get from above and below, at a 45 degree angle. Then, with my spraypaint (Rustoleum; found at K-Mart), I followed that with a solid coat of dark grey in the same manner. Next, was a coat from only 45 degrees above of the light grey. And lastly, just a straight-down of white, aiming for all the horizontal surfaces and interior walls while avoiding the exterior walls.

Sufficed to say, I was very pleased with how smooth and evenly the paintjob turned out and figured I'd just share what worked for me when priming the MAS kits.

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